Grange Skin Clinic of Natural Medicine, Lake District, Cumbria

Michael Shortt BSc(Hons)

Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis

Skin is the most visible layer of our body, a tough, self-repairing and flexible covering performing many vital functions intrinsically linked to our overall health and well-being. Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis (the latter often considered under the umbrella term ‘Eczema’) are amongst the most common skin ailments, compromising both the appearance and functioning of the skin. Despite significant advances in modern medicine, these still remain notoriously difficult to treat effectively

Established in 1998, the clinic at Grange is the culmination of my own struggle with Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis, at different times of my life (at one stage, for example, I was covered from head to toe with large Psoriasis lesions). My treatment experience was fairly typical, being passed between Doctors, Specialists and Dermatology units with countless creams, lotions and shampoos along the way, as well as many products bought from other sources, in desperation. Throughout these dark times, it struck me how difficult it was to make the various healthcare professionals comprehend exactly how debilitating and distressing skin problems are for the sufferer. While the physical aspects of unsightly lesions are all too easily visible, the mental aspects (embarrassment, erosion of self-esteem, anxiety etc.) often go unrecognised or are simply ignored, often contributing to the continuation of the problem.

The Aim of the Clinic

For over a decade, my core aim has been to reach and help as many sufferers as possible using techniques, principles, products, knowledge and processes that have helped me and many others. All of us are very different and I believe a successful treatment plan is one that has been formulated by working together to ensure that it is as simple as possible, built to last, designed to put you in control right from the beginning and, most importantly, relevant to your lifestyle.

Other services

As well as individually tailored treatment plans, I’m also here as a point of contact should you simply need a bit of support, advice or encouragement – whatever your needs are and no matter how long you have had a condition for, I’ll do my best to be of help

I am also committed to providing treatment regardless of financial circumstances, helping those on low incomes through free clinic time and ‘donation only’ treatments partly funded through kind donations (my thanks to all those who continue to support my work in this way).


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