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Natural skin therapy for sufferers of skin problems or dry itchy skin in the Lake District, Cumbria

Grange Skin Clinic was set up to help sufferers with skin disorders, whether short or long-term. The Clinic specialises in natural treatments for the effective relief of Psoriasis, offering individually tailored plans that address core issues such as lifestyle, diet and stress, through the use of natural medicines.

Psoriasis in a nutshell...

The name comes from the Greek work ‘Psora’ meaning ‘to itch’.

In Britain, around 2% of the population have some form of Psoriasis and, since that figure only represents those who have actually sought medical intervention, it would indicate that the true figure may be significantly higher. On a global scale, it is estimated that around 2% of the world population suffer with this condition (estimated world population is around 7 billion).

Key symptoms

The most obvious are the lesions which can vary dramatically in size from tiny spots to lesions the size of a dinner plate

They are typically red, raised and circular, with silvery scales on top that may bleed, if removed

More often than not, the lesions are itchy, however this in not always the case

Most commonly found on the knees, elbows or scalp but can turn up on any part of the body

Psoriasis can appear at any age, but most typically between 15 and 25

The raised lesions are caused by underlying skin cells reproducing more rapidly than normal and travelling to the surface of the body as much as 7 times quicker than a normal skin cell. Such cells tend to be more ‘sticky’ and are not as easily shed as a mature skin cell would be, therefore tend to accumulate on the surface

It is more common to find Psoriasis lesions on the ‘outside’ of limbs, as opposed to Eczema which are normally on the flexures (inside) of limbs

For some basic tips to help with Psoriasis, visit the Tips & Treatments Page


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