Michael Shortt | Therapist

A little bit about myself…

As mentioned on the ‘Home’ page, I have suffered with all 3 of the disorders at various stages of my life, at one stage being covered from head to foot in ‘leopard-like’, Psoriasis lesions.

Having been through the conventional treatment route, I came to the point were I was told that this was something I’d ‘simply have to live with’, managed through the constant application of pharmaceutical creams. This prompted me to begin researching the mechanics of the skin, as well as the pathology of skin conditions in a bid to formulate my own treatment plan, a 5-year process with many ups, downs and flare-ups along the way

I began working with others in 1998 and have continued looking into many different treatment avenues, adding relevant qualifications along the way. My interest in Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis has now come to the point where I have begun to write a book geared towards helping sufferers to formulate their own treatment plans and take control of their own health (if interested, visit our Forthcoming book page)

It would be great if medical science could come up with a safe, effective treatment causing no side-effects both in the short and long-term, but until then, I am here to help anyone in need.






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