Forthcoming book

I realise that there are many sufferers for whom a trek to the Lake District on a regular basis is out of the question due to location, time or finance. My intention is to make the work that I have done over many years, together with experience working with patients into what I hope will be a clear, concise book, designed to give you ideas and offer a framework to enable you to formulate and initiate your own treatment plan.

This is currently a work in progress with a deadline, as things currently stand, of April 2015, delivered either through an outside publisher or other source.

If you feel you may be interested in this, or know someone who might, please write, phone or e-mail We will keep your details on file and let you know how things are progressing (Please note, it is not possible to reply personally to e-mails on this address, however you will be sent an acknowledgement e-mail).






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